Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dozer - Beyond Colossal (Small Stone Records)

Well I guess old habits really do die hard because I've chosen another Stoner Rock album as pick of the day.  I really do listen to all types of music which will become evident to anyone who follows this blog over time.  Anyways, Beyond Colossal is the 5th full length album from the Stoner Rock linchpins out of Sweeden, Dozer.  Although not quite as epic as their last album, Beyond Colossal is Stoner Rock gold from beginning to end.  Unfortunately, while reading about Dozer for this blog I learned that they went on hiatus in 2009, hopefully this is temporary and we will one day see them re-emerge stronger and heavier as ever!  Fav tracks are, 'The Ventriloquist', 'Message through the Horses', and 'The Throne'.

My Rating: 9 / 10 

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