Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dozer - Beyond Colossal (Small Stone Records)

Well I guess old habits really do die hard because I've chosen another Stoner Rock album as pick of the day.  I really do listen to all types of music which will become evident to anyone who follows this blog over time.  Anyways, Beyond Colossal is the 5th full length album from the Stoner Rock linchpins out of Sweeden, Dozer.  Although not quite as epic as their last album, Beyond Colossal is Stoner Rock gold from beginning to end.  Unfortunately, while reading about Dozer for this blog I learned that they went on hiatus in 2009, hopefully this is temporary and we will one day see them re-emerge stronger and heavier as ever!  Fav tracks are, 'The Ventriloquist', 'Message through the Horses', and 'The Throne'.

My Rating: 9 / 10 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Capricorns - River, Bear Your Bones (Rise Above Records)

Released in 2008, 'River, Bear Your Bones' is the 3rd full length album from the Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal band, Capricorns  As is the case with Southern Lord Records, I will confidently buy just about any album released by Rise Above Records w/o knowing anything about the band as they have proven time and again to have a knack for finding and signing some of the best Stoner/Doom Metal bands.  This was exactly the case when I purchased Capricorns 3rd full length album and once again I was not disappointed.  Capricorns are an instrumental group and all of the songs on this album are very fast, heavy, and like other instrumental metal bands, seem to tell a story without words but rather riffs.  Check em out!

My Rating:  8 / 10

November suicides by Capricorns on Grooveshark

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elvis Deluxe - Lazy (Get By Records)

Another day another stoner rock album as pick of the day.  Lazy is the debut full length album by Elvis Deluxe, a Stoner Rock band from Warsaw, Poland.  I think it says a lot about the confidence a band has in the music they are playing when they are willing to offer an entire album as a free download.  IMHO that confidence is entirely justified as this album is a stoner/psych rock masterpiece very similar in style to early QOTSA, Kyuss, and Brant Bjork & the Bros.  Highly recommend!  Fav tracks are, 'The Mountain' and 'Money to Burn'. 

My Rating:  7.5 / 10

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord Records)

Released earlier this year, Celestial Lineage is the 4th full length album from the Ambient Black Metal band, Wolves in the Throne Room.  I definitely am not not the world's biggest black metal fan but lately that has been starting to change a bit thanks to bands like Wolves.  Although this album received a lot of good professional reviews the ultimate selling point for me was discovering that one of my favorite record labels (Southern Lord) was releasing it.  I honestly don't think I have ever bought an album released by Southern Lord that I didn't like.  Anyways, if you dig black metal/ambient black metal or in general intelligently played music check this album out!  Fav tracks:  'Astral Blood' and 'Thuja Magus Imperium'. 

My Rating:  8 / 10

Astral Blood by Wolves in the Throne Room on Grooveshark

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cream Abdul Babar - Catalyst to Ruins (At a Loss Recordings)

Released in 2002, Catalyst to Ruins is the second full length album from the Metal/Punk/Noise-Rock band, Cream Abdul Babar.  I first heard CAB while listening to a fellow blogger's radio station (Grip of Delusion Radio) which plays a really nice mix of underground metal/punk music.  The band that instantly came to mind when I first heard CAB was Butthole Surfers (another awesome band) and after listening to an entire album I think that is a fair comparison minus the occassional semi-pop song.  I mean the band's name alone demands you at least check em out!  Fav tracks are, 'E is for Intelligent' and 'Blow Goat'. 

My Rating: 7 / 10

E Is for Intelligent by Cream Abdul Babar on Grooveshark

Monday, December 12, 2011

Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows (Kemado Records)

Released earlier this year, 'Hemisphere of Shadows' is the 3rd full length album from Danava, a Progressive/Heavy Metal band out of Portland Oregon.  Generally, I would say Progressive Rock/Metal bands are very hit or miss for my specific musical taste and Danava is definitely a hit.  They play a pretty basic style of Prog Rock in my opinion but that is exactly what I like about them.  Fav tracks are, 'The Last Goodbye' and 'I Am the Skull'. 

My Rating:  7.5 / 10

The Last Goodbye by Danava on Grooveshark

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spaceboy - Getting Warm on the Trail of Heat (Frenetic Records)

Released in 1998, this is the final album from the Doom Metal/Hardcore/?? band named Spaceboy.  I believe I came across these guys via itunes 'similar artists' feature but don't quite recall what band I was browsing originally.  Regardless, these guys have a really unique sound that incorporates just about every genre of metal/punk, which I normally find to be chaotic but that is not the case here.  Check em out!  Fav tracks are, 'Planet of Pot' and 'Elf Song'. 

My Rating: 7.5 / 10

Planet of Pot by Spaceboy on Grooveshark

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics... (Rise Above Records)

Released in 1997, this is the 2nd full length album from the Stoner/Doom Metal legends Electric Wizard.  I only wish I would have known there were bands that played music this heavy and awesome back in 1997.  On the other hand due to my lack of maturity at the age of 14 (I actually listened to Rap in my teens) I likely wouldn't have appreciated the greatness of this album.  Anyways, cheers to fuckin Electric Wizard and Doom Metal!  Fav tracks are, 'Ivixor B/Phase Inducer', 'Doom Mantia', and 'Solarian 13'. 

My Rating: 9 / 10

Ivixor B / Phase Inducer by Electric Wizard on Grooveshark

Friday, December 9, 2011

Spirits of the Dead - The Great God Pan (The End Records)

This is the second album from Sprits of the Dead, a Progressive/Stoner Rock group out of Norway.  I first heard about this band through one of my favorite daily blogs 'Roadburn Festival's album of the day, although I should point out that Roadburn doesn't actually review albums themselves but rather they are a sort of review aggregator.  The album is only 6 tracks and despite that fact it easily made my top ten list for 2011.  Anyways, the music is very progressive/psychedelic/stoner rock and kicks ass!  Fav tracks are, 'Goldberry', 'The Great God Pan!', and 'Casting the Runes'. 

My Rating: 9.5 / 10

Goldberry by The Great God Pan on Grooveshark

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hawkwind - Space Ritual (United Artists)

This live masterpiece was releases in 1973 as a double album.  I have a tendency to become bored with live albums very quickly because of the lack of new material unless the album is by Hawkwind.  Long live Space Rock and one of the most influential bands of all time!  Fav tracks are 'Born to Go', 'Orgone Accumulator', 'You Shouldn't Do That' and of course 'Master of the Universe'.

My Rating: 10 / 10

Born To Go by Hawkwind on Grooveshark

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hangnail - Ten Days Before Summer (Rise Above Records)

Ten Days Before Summer, released in 1999, is the debut full length album by the Heavy/Stoner Rock band Hangnail.   All tracks are pretty much classic Stoner Rock except for the slower paced '0.861111111', which features an excellent guest female vocalist (not sure who she is but damn she can sing).  Fav tracks are 'Charge the Vibe' and '0.86111111'. 

My Rating:  8 / 10

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colour Haze - All (Elektrohasch Records)

Today's pick of the day is the 9th full length from Colour Haze, the Stoner/Psych Rock band from Munich Germany.  I don't recall what prompted me to pick up this album (probably itunes 'listeners also bought' feature) but regardless it's a doozy!  Hard to pick a favorite track but I'm gonna go with 'If' 'Turns' and 'Stars'.  Check it out!

My Rating: 9/ 10

If by Colour Haze on Grooveshark

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cake - Showroom of Compassion (Upbeat Records)

Finally, an album that is definitely not heavy metal!  Showroom of Compassion (released in 2011) is Cake's 6th full length album.  Although it sounds very similar, if not identical, to their previous releases I found myself enjoying just about every track on the album.  Being primarily a metal fan, I find it somewhat frustrating that there are not more Alt. Rock bands out there that I truly enjoy listening to but its good to know I can count on bands like Cake to keep me somewhat in the Indie/Alt. Rock loop.  Fav songs are 'Federal Funding' and 'Sick of You'. 

My Rating:  7 / 10

Sick of You by CAKE on Grooveshark

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Porn (The Men Of) - Wine, Women and Song... (Small Stone Records)

If you like the Melvins or any other type of doom/sludge metal bands than you've got to check out Men of Porn.  Released in 2004, this is their 3rd album and my first exposure to them and I will definitely be purchasing the rest of their stuff at some point.  Fav tracks are 'Glory Will be Mine' and 'Last Song'. 

My Rating: 9 / 10

Glory Will Be Mine by Porn (The Men Of) on Grooveshark

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deadboy and Elephantmen - We Are Night Sky (Fat Possum Records)

Originally released in 2005 this is a superb album from top to bottom.  To think that the person singing lead vocals (Dax Riggs) is the same person who sang for the Hardcore/almost Death Metal band 'Acid Bath' is pretty amazing.  My favorite song would probably be 'Walking Stick' where the combo of male/female vocals is absolutely fantastic.

My Rating:  9.5 / 10

Walking Stick by Deadboy And The Elephant Men on Grooveshark

Friday, December 2, 2011

Melvins - Bullhead (Boner Records)

Before I say anything about the album I've chosen as 'pick of the day' I would like to note that my process for selecting an album is quite simple, an album that I have purchased somewhat recently and thoroughly enjoyed.  I enjoy having a bit of randomness in my life so when I pick an album to rate/review there is no specific reason for it except that I bought it, like it, and decided to blog about it.  :)

Bullhead, releasesd in 1991, is the 3rd full length album from the Sludge Metal/Grunge band Melvins.  I think the best way to convey the greatness of this album is to simply point out that one of the greatest metal/experimental bands of all time named themselves after track 1 entitled, 'Boris'.  Standout tracks for me are 'Zodiac' and 'If I had an Exorcism' but honestly you can't go wrong with any one of these slow sludgey masterpieces. 

My Rating: 10/10

If I Had an Exorcism by Melvins on Grooveshark

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black Tusk - Taste the Sin (Relapse Records)

The 4th full length album from this Sludge Metal group has been burning up juice on my iphone for the past month.  The album starts off with a short track entitled 'Brewing the Storm' that is sort of a welcome as well as a warning that what you're about to listen to is heavy as hell.  Standout tracks for me are 'Resistor', 'Mass Devotion', 'This Time is Divine', and especially 'Crossroads & Thunder' a track that ends with the trio switching gears to a more down-tuned but no-less catchy rhythm/beat.  

My rating:  8.5/10


Since I quit my job a couple weeks ago I have found myself with an inordinate amount of free time and thought that a good way to take up some of this time would be to blog about music that I like.  My favorite type of music is heavy metal (specifically Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal) but I also listen to Electronic, Alt Rock, and really just about every other genre out there. 

For this blog I plan on posting a daily 'pick' which will consist of an album that I really enjoy along with a rating (out of 10) and a brief review/reason why I chose it. 

Feel free to comment away as I welcome any and all opinions.