Saturday, December 10, 2011

Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics... (Rise Above Records)

Released in 1997, this is the 2nd full length album from the Stoner/Doom Metal legends Electric Wizard.  I only wish I would have known there were bands that played music this heavy and awesome back in 1997.  On the other hand due to my lack of maturity at the age of 14 (I actually listened to Rap in my teens) I likely wouldn't have appreciated the greatness of this album.  Anyways, cheers to fuckin Electric Wizard and Doom Metal!  Fav tracks are, 'Ivixor B/Phase Inducer', 'Doom Mantia', and 'Solarian 13'. 

My Rating: 9 / 10

Ivixor B / Phase Inducer by Electric Wizard on Grooveshark

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